Why Aren't You Famous?

(Just Wondering...)

Two musicians try to understand fame.  Are they going to live forever? Will people remember their names?

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Season 2 Episode 10: Thank You For Being a Friend/Charlotte NC

co-hosts ellen cherry & Andrew Grimm travel to Charlotte, NC, to visit with cherry's really really good friend of 27 years, Josh Villapando. Josh is the owner and Wine Schnerbly of Assorted Table Wine Shoppe in Charlotte, and he and cherry used to bounce tracks down on a Tascam Porta-3 in the 1990s, yo. Go to school, don't be a fool....get an education!

Episode 22: Road Update Charlotte

Baltimore musicians ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm are out on the road! This is a tour update from North Carolina on one of the last stops of a two week tour where they absolutely, definitively proved that they are NOT famous!! Your obscure hosts: ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm. Featured song: "Seven Stars" by Mary Battiata. Find here in the cosmos HERE.

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