Why Aren't You Famous?

(Just Wondering...)

Two musicians try to understand fame.  Are they going to live forever? Will people remember their names?

Season 2 Episode 2: Compulsion/Pittsburgh

co hosts ellen cherry & Andrew Grimm meet with Pittsburgh musician and songwriter, Ben Shannon and talk about compulsive behavior, energy flow, skateboarding, music and more! They also reveal three new songs that they each wrote centered around the topic of compulsion.

Episode 1: Fame Defined

The first episode of this podcast where long time independent musicians, ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm, tackle the definition of fame and what all the hoopla seems to be about it... also featured is Baltimore's sweet rock duo, Saddle of Centaur and their song, "Tampon Tea.” Support them and learn more HERE.

Episode 2: Ethos vs. Ego

This episode explores the vital importance of maintaining your dignity and humility while ironically yearning for adoration. Bwahahhaah—oh hilarious…..Your hosts are here: ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm. Featuring a beautiful song by Key West-ian, Lance Taylor, “Thinkin’ About You.” You can learn more about Lance Taylor HERE.

Episode 3: Perception vs. Reality

Grimm and cherry debate the preconceived notions of fame in comparison to the reality... which of course, they couldn't even tell you... cause they ain't famous. Your non-famous hosts: ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm. Featuring a song by Dingleberry Dynasty beautifully titled, “We Are the Opening Band.” You can find more of the Dynasty HERE.

Episode 4: Artistic Value

Grimm and cherry consider the weight and value of art. Is it valuable? What is art anyhow? Can anyone make art? Whatevs. Featuring “Doooooop” or better known as Detroit’s Don Duprie, The Mayor of River Rouge, and his song, “What Am I Supposed to Do?” Listen and support Don HERE.

Covered by Whitey Morgan at this link HERE. (Wait, is Don famous already?!?! Jerk.)

Episode 5: History

Grimm and cherry tackle the idea of fame in previous history... not their own of course... 'cuz they ain't ever been cool. (Way to reference an ellen cherry song, Grimm!) Featuring formerly-of-Columbus-now-of-Richmond, Matt Monta and his beautiful song about merrrdurrrr and thangs, “Maybe This Time.” Support Matt HERE.

Episode 6: Analog vs. Digital

Grimm and cherry talk about how their fame may have been affected by the transition from the analog era into the digital era... that is, if they were famous. Featuring the dark and dangerous song, “Done” by Chicago’s Dolly Varden. Click HERE for more information on Dolly Varden.

(Dolly Varden lead-man, Steve Dawson, collaborated with ellen cherry on an EP. Check it out HERE!)

Episode 7: Local, Regional, National Fame

Grimm and cherry ruminate on local fame... regional suggestion (what does that even mean?), and national obscurity. Song Feature: "Let Them Come" by J. Pope and the Hear Now. See and hear them HERE.

Episode 8: Physical Effects of Fame

Grimm and cherry try to understand how their corporeal forms are affected by fame. Featured song by Baltimore’s Andy Bopp, “Shadow.” Please, dear Universal Hum or however you understand god, go to Bopp’s website and give him some attention HERE.

Episode 9: Art vs. Commerce

Grimm and cherry think about selling out or remaining true to one's vision and soul. (Is there any doubt to what they will choose?) Song featured is “Another Spot” by our podcasting mentors, the prolific (wow, what an understatement) Society Fringe Players. Spend your life HERE and learn more!

Episode 10: Ambition

Musicians ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm consider the topic of ambition. They have an ambition to remain obscure. It's working!!! Featured song: "Lonesome Cowboy on the Protein Deprivation Trail" by Mole Suit Choir. Supports their mystical travels HERE.

Episode 11: Breadth & Depth

Absolutely non-famous musicians ellen cherry & Andrew Grimm discuss the depth and breadth of their inability to become celebrities. Your gracious, but flawed hosts: ellen cherry & Andrew Grimm. Featured Song: "Waltz Until We Break the Seams" by Austin-ite Wilson Marks. Support him HERE.

Episode 12: Family Ties

Baltimore area musicians Andrew Grimm and ellen cherry discuss how disappointed they are that their parents weren't famous, so how the heck could they do it!?! Your hosts, who are NOT related by blood: ellen cherry & Andrew Grimm. Featured Song: "Are I Here" by Helado Negro. CHECK HIM OUT HERE.

Episode 13: Cool, Fashion, Trend

Baltimore musicians ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm explore the idea of fame and why it just happens to be so darn trendy. Your unfashionable (the evidence abounds!) hosts: ellen cherry & Andrew Grimm. Featured Song "Written On My Heart" by the Lineman. Get online with the Lineman HERE.

Episode 14: Self-Worth

Baltimore musicians ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm ponder if they have even a shred of self worth left. And the results are in! They do. Your worthy hosts: ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm. Featured Song: "Stinkbug in My Brownie" by Joe Keyes and The Late Bloomer Band. Smell it up HERE.

Episode 15: Cost of Fame

Baltimore "musicians" ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm calculate the cost of fame and it turns out, it maybe ain't worth payin'. Yer hosts: ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm. Featured Song "Mama" by David Childers. Go support him HERE.

Episode 16: Economics of Fame

Baltimore musicians ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm discuss the economics of both famous people (talk about talking about something you know nothing about!) and the economics of hustling as an indie musician. Plus, a bunch of other stuff. Your human hosts: ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm. Featured song is "He's Alright" by June Star. See if you’re alright HERE.

Episode 17: Vulnerability

Baltimore musicians ellen cherry & Andrew Grimm get emotionally naked on this special episode about vulnerability. If you're not turned off, tune in! Your very strong and very soft hosts: ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm. Featured Song is "Passing Season" by Naked Blue & ellen cherry. Check out Naked Blue HERE and hear the song with cool isolated vocals HERE.

Episode 18: Death

Baltimore musicians ellen cherry & Andrew Grimm ponder their own mortality and the mortality of others in this episode where they actually say the word "death question mark?" quite a bit. Your very much alive hosts: ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm. Featured dreamy song "The Wilder" by Luray. Dream on it HERE.

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