Why Aren't You Famous?

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Two musicians try to understand fame.  Are they going to live forever? Will people remember their names?

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Season 2 Episode 15: Season Finale

In an effort to keep our enthusiasm up about this podcasting thing, we have decided to end the season and talk lots about what’s hopefully coming up in Season Three. Enjoy the end of the season with your dedicated co-hosts, ellen cherry & Andrew Grimm. It’s a war of attrition, folks, and WE’RE STILL HERE.

Season 2 Episode 14: WTMD/Best Collaboration of the Year

Best Collaborators of the Year (according to WTMD in Baltimore) and your gracious co-hosts, ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm are both surprised and elated to be awarded this award, Best Collaboration of the Year in WTMD's Alternative Music Awards, 2019. Wheee! All our hard work is finally recognized. Thank you WTMD! (And then we just kind of ramble.....you know, the usual.) Of course, we have to thank our supporters for keeping up our spirits and our resources to make this possible. THANK YOU MOST OF ALL!

Season 2 Episode 13: FAWM/What's Next?

co-hosts of (as of Feb 28, 2019) award-winning "Why Aren't You Famous?" Podcast, ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm decide that the only way to avoid complacency is to.....record a random, meandering conversation about complacency....and also their songwriting processes, because....they can! Also, it's February Album Writing Month (www.fawm.org) and they will play and discuss some songs they've written for the challenge.

Season 2 Episode 12: American Icons/Columbus OH

Your fearless (and road weary) hosts, ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm meet up with Columbus, OH-based songwriter, Lou Poster (of Driftmouth) to talk about the special kind of madness it takes to see if you can fly a motorcycle over a canyon. Ya know, the same sensation one gets one when one performs the most vulnerable song one ever wrote in front of one's peers.

Season 2 Episode 11: Dime Store Date/Birmingham, AL

co-hosts ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm find themselves in Birmingham, AL, with Keith Harrelson, proprietor of a 21st Century Deep South Listening Room called 'Moonlight on the Mountain.' Grimm & cherry frequently toured through and played this highly sought-after venue over the years (it was open in two different locations from the 2000s through 2017) and, quite luckily, founded a life-long friendship with Keith. With a rich-as-molasses voice, Keith wanted to write on a whimsical topic: finding love in the dollar store.

Season 2 Episode 10: Thank You For Being a Friend/Charlotte NC

co-hosts ellen cherry & Andrew Grimm travel to Charlotte, NC, to visit with cherry's really really good friend of 27 years, Josh Villapando. Josh is the owner and Wine Schnerbly of Assorted Table Wine Shoppe in Charlotte, and he and cherry used to bounce tracks down on a Tascam Porta-3 in the 1990s, yo. Go to school, don't be a fool....get an education!

Season 2 Episode 8: New Chapters/Sooke, British Columbia, Canada

Your humble hosts, ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm, traveled to Sooke, BC, which is on freakin' beautiful Vancouver Island, to meet with songwriter and teller-of-tales, Katrina Kadoski. A free flowing conversation about what it takes to let go and how to turn the page to see what's next.

Season 2 Episode 7: Mortality/Portland, OR

Co-hosts ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm meet up with Portland’s Michael Dean Damron to ruminate on the one experience that every living thing shares: dying. A heartfelt and honest conversation about fear and hope, with a hearty dose of expletives.

Season 2 Episode 6: All Filler, No Killer

Co-hosts ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm are seriously just trying to make you laugh, by making themselves laugh. They have to keep their podcasting chops up while they wait to travel to the next place, so listen in on this little snippet of some time shared and some laughs along the way.

Season 2 Episode 5: Tour Highlights/Cringr

Songwriters ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm review the first three episodes of Season Two of Why Aren't You Famous? Podcast, revealing their favorite moments and chatting it up. This episode is sponsored by a new dating app, Cringr. "For when you want to have a regrettable dating experience, swipe dowwwwnnnn."

Season 2 Episode 4: Change/Columbus, OH

Co-hosts ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm find themselves in conversation with songwriter Matt Monta about the topic of change. Why we do it (do we haaaaave toooooo?) and maybe some ways to navigate it. It is after all, the Law of the Universe. Evolution: change or......perish. (Cue dramatic music.)

Season 2 Episode 3: Working Class/River Rouge, MI

Co-hosts ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm meet up with fellow music revolutionary Don Duprie ("Doop"), the unofficial mayor (and a full-time firefighter) of River Rouge, MI, to show three different perspectives honoring the working class.

Season 2 Episode 2: Compulsion/Pittsburgh, PA

co hosts ellen cherry & Andrew Grimm meet with Pittsburgh musician and songwriter, Ben Shannon and talk about compulsive behavior, energy flow, skateboarding, music and more! They also reveal three new songs that they each wrote centered around the topic of compulsion.

Episode 1: Fame Defined

The first episode of this podcast where long time independent musicians, ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm, tackle the definition of fame and what all the hoopla seems to be about it... also featured is Baltimore's sweet rock duo, Saddle of Centaur and their song, "Tampon Tea.” Support them and learn more HERE.

Episode 2: Ethos vs. Ego

This episode explores the vital importance of maintaining your dignity and humility while ironically yearning for adoration. Bwahahhaah—oh hilarious…..Your hosts are here: ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm. Featuring a beautiful song by Key West-ian, Lance Taylor, “Thinkin’ About You.” You can learn more about Lance Taylor HERE.

Episode 3: Perception vs. Reality

Grimm and cherry debate the preconceived notions of fame in comparison to the reality... which of course, they couldn't even tell you... cause they ain't famous. Your non-famous hosts: ellen cherry and Andrew Grimm. Featuring a song by Dingleberry Dynasty beautifully titled, “We Are the Opening Band.” You can find more of the Dynasty HERE.

Episode 4: Artistic Value

Grimm and cherry consider the weight and value of art. Is it valuable? What is art anyhow? Can anyone make art? Whatevs. Featuring “Doooooop” or better known as Detroit’s Don Duprie, The Mayor of River Rouge, and his song, “What Am I Supposed to Do?” Listen and support Don HERE.

Covered by Whitey Morgan at this link HERE. (Wait, is Don famous already?!?! Jerk.)

Episode 5: History

Grimm and cherry tackle the idea of fame in previous history... not their own of course... 'cuz they ain't ever been cool. (Way to reference an ellen cherry song, Grimm!) Featuring formerly-of-Columbus-now-of-Richmond, Matt Monta and his beautiful song about merrrdurrrr and thangs, “Maybe This Time.” Support Matt HERE.

Episode 6: Analog vs. Digital

Grimm and cherry talk about how their fame may have been affected by the transition from the analog era into the digital era... that is, if they were famous. Featuring the dark and dangerous song, “Done” by Chicago’s Dolly Varden. Click HERE for more information on Dolly Varden.

(Dolly Varden lead-man, Steve Dawson, collaborated with ellen cherry on an EP. Check it out HERE!)

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