Why Aren't You Famous?

(Just Wondering...)

Two musicians try to understand fame.  Are they going to live forever? Will people remember their names?

EPISODE ONE:  FAME DEFINED (Air date 10.16.17)

EPISODE TWO:  EGO VS ETHOS (Air Date 10.23.17)



EPISODE FIVE:  HISTORY (Air Date 11.13.17 featuring "Maybe This Time" by Matt Monta)

EPISODE SIX:  DIGITAL VS ANALOG (Air Date 11.20.17 featuring "Done" by Dolly Varden)

EPISODE SEVEN: LOCAL, REGIONAL, NATIONAL (Air Date 11.27.17 featuring "Let Them Come" by J. Pope and the Hear Now)

EPISODE EIGHT:  PHYSICAL EFFECTS (Air Date 12.4.17 featuring "Shadow" by Andy Bopp)

EPISODE NINE: COMMERCE VERSUS ART (Air Date 12.11.17 featuring "Another Spot" by Society Fringe Players)

EPISODE TEN: AMBITION (Air Date 12.18.17 featuring "Lonesome Cowboy on the Protein Deprivation Trail" by the Mole Suit Choir)

EPISODE ELEVEN:  DEPTH & BREADTH (Air Date 12.15.17 featuring "Waltz Until We Break the Seams" by Wilson Marks)

EPISODE TWELVE:  FAMILY TIES (Air Date 1.1.18 featuring "Are I Here" by Helado Negro)

EPISODE THIRTEEN:  COOL FASHION TREAD (Air Date 1.8.18 featuring "Written On My Heart" by the Lineman)

EPISODE FOURTEEN:  SELF WORTH (Air Date 1.15.18 featuring "Stinkbug in My Brownie" by Joe Keyes and the Late Bloomer Band)

EPISODE FIFTEEN: COST OF FAME (Air Date 1.22.18 featuring "Mama" by David Childers)

EPISODE SIXTEEN: Economics (Air date 1.29.18 featuring "He's Alright" by June Star)

EPISODE SEVENTEEN: Vulnerability (Air Date 2.5.18 featuring "Passing Season" by Naked Blue & ellen cherry)

EPISODE EIGHTEEN:  Death?  (Air Date 2.12.18 featuring "The Wilder" by Luray)

EPISODE NINETEEN:  Accountability (Air Date 2.19.18 featuring "Heavy Petting" by Brooks Long and the Mad Dog No Good)

EPISODE TWENTY: Blank (Air Date 2.26.18 Featuring "Hope, AR" by Jon Nolan

EPISODE TWENTY ONE: Memory and tour update from the road (Featured Song "Building a Road" by Andrew Norsworthy)

EPISODE TWENTY TWO:  Economics and Tour Update (Featured Song "Seven Stars" by Mary Battiata)

EPISODE TWENTY THREE:  Live in B'more at The Four Hour Day (with guest Matt Monta)

EPISODE TWENTY FOUR:  Epilogue (Featured songs, "One Spark" by ellen cherry & "Thunder" by Andrew Grimm)

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